Couples Massage

Couples massage is getting more popular. It's for lovers, friends, moms, and daughters. But how do you know if it's a good choice for you?

Here at Reons Wellness Spa, couples massage is one of the most popular services we offer. It makes up around 27% of our total bookings! So it’s no surprise we encourage everyone to come on in and try it out.

The couples can be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, same-sex partners, mums and daughters, best friends, or any other combination of two people. It isn’t strictly for couples (despite what the name says).

Couples massage takes place in a room that holds two massage tables. In a couples massage, 2 people are massaged at the same time by 2 therapists. They are often romantic but can be booked for friends and family too. Don’t worry, during a couples massage you’ll still get individual attention to address your specific needs.

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